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AccessData A30-327 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What are two functions of the Summary Report in Registry Viewer? (Choose two.)

A. adds individual key values
B. is a template for other registry files
C. displays investigator keyword search results
D. permits searching of registry values based on key headers

Question # 2

Using the FTK Report Wizard, which two options are available in the Bookmarks - A window? (Choose two.)

A. Apply a filter to the list
B. Group all filenames at end of report
C. Yes, include all graphics in the case
D. No, do not include a bookmark section
E. Export full-size graphics and link them to the thumbnails

Question # 3

Which two image formats contain an embedded hash value for file verification? (Choose two.)

A. E01
B. S01
E. 001 (dd)

Question # 4

In FTK, a user may alter the alert or ignore status of individual hash sets within the active KFF. Which utility is used to accomplish this?

A. KFF Alert Editor
B. ADKFF Library Selector
C. Hash Database File Selector
D. Hash Database Recovery Engine

Question # 5

You successfully export and create a file hash list while using FTK Imager. Which three pieces of information are included in this file? (Choose three.)

A. MD5
C. filename
D. record date
E. date modified

Question # 6

In Registry Viewer, which steps initiate the Hex Interpreter?

A. highlight the data and select the Hex Value Interpreter tab
B. highlight the data, right-click on the highlighted data and select the Show Hex Interpreter Window
C. select the Hex Value Interpreter tab, highlight the data, right-click on the data to initiate the Hex Interpreter
D. right-click on the data area and select the Show Hex Interpreter Window and highlight the data you want to interpret

Question # 7

Click the Exhibit button.You need to search for specific data that are located in a Microsoft Word document. You do not know the exact spelling of this datA. Using the Index Search Options as displayed in the exhibit, which changes do you make in the Broadening Options and Search Limiting Options containers?

A. check the Fuzzy box; check the File Name Pattern box; type *.doc in the pattern container
B. check the Stemming box; check the File Name Pattern box; type *.doc in the pattern container
C. check the Synonym box; check the File Name Pattern box; type *.doc in the pattern container
D. check the Stemming box; check the File Name Pattern box; type %.doc in the pattern container

Question # 8

After creating a case, the Encrypted Files container lists EFS files. However, no decrypted sub-items are present. All other necessary components for EFS decryption are present in the case. Which two files must be used to recover the EFS password for use in FTK? (Choose two.)

B. system
D. Master Key
E. FEK Certificate

Question # 9

What are three types of evidence that can be added to a case in FTK? (Choose three.)

A. local drive
B. registry MRU list
C. contents of a folder
D. acquired image of a drive
E. compressed volume files (CVFs)

Question # 10

What are three image file formats that can be read by FTK Imager? (Choose three.)

A. E01 files
B. raw (dd) image files
C. SafeBack version 2.2 image files
D. SafeBack version 3.0 image files
E. Symantec Ghost compressed image files

Question # 11

You are attempting to access data from the Protected Storage System Provider (PSSP) area of a registry. How do you accomplish this using PRTK?

A. You drop the SAM file onto the PRTK interface.
B. You drop the NTUSER.dat file onto the PRTK interface.
C. You use the PSSP Attack Marshal from Registry Viewer.
D. This area can not be accessed with PRTK as it is a registry file.

Question # 12

FTK Imager can be invoked from within which program?

D. Registry Viewer

Question # 13

FTK uses Data Carving to find which three file types? (Choose three.)

A. JPEG files
B. Yahoo! Chat Archives
C. WPD (Word Perfect Documents)
D. Enhanced Windows Meta Files (EMF)
E. OLE Archive Files (Office Documents)