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Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner
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Adobe AD0-E302 Sample Questions

Question # 1

On a Friday, A Practitioner decides to send Deliveries on Monday at 8 AM. The deliveries must have the most up-to-date target.What should the Practitioner configure before starting the campaign workflow?

A. extraction date
B. contact date
C. scheduler
D. approval

Question # 2

The number of records out of union is less than intended. Which conclusion should be made?

A. The target is dropping inactive records.
B. The target schemas are NOT the same.
C. The target is dropping exclusions.
D. The target populations are NOT mutually exclusive.

Question # 3

Campaign requirements state that a random selection of 20% of recipients be withheld from the targetingpopulation to receive a different creative treatment in another campaign. How should the business practitionerconfigure the workflow?

A. Use the workflow properties to configure the random sample and it will be posted to the folder
B. Use a query activity to select the random selection and a list update activity to house the sample
C. Use a split activity to select the random sample and a list update activity to house the sample
D. Use a delivery activity to select the random sample and it will be posted the delivery logs

Question # 4

A workflow has a scheduler and default error management.What happens if an error occurs during a run?

A. The scheduler starts another run at the next scheduled time and runs normally.
B. The scheduler does NOT start another run until the workflow is restarted.
C. The scheduler waits 24 hours before starting the next run based on the next scheduled time.
D. The scheduler starts another run at the next scheduled time and the run stops at the activity that had an error previously.

Question # 5

A Practitioner’s team learns that Gmail has modified its spam filtering criteriA.How should the Practitioner use the client console to obtain the percentage of users that have been affected by this change?

A. use "Counters" within "Platform" selection in the Navigation hierarchy
B. use "Aggregates" functionality within Production – Objects created automatically
C. export the list of the recipients to Excel and create a formula to calculate the required percentage
D. filter the Recipient dataset based on emails that contain the string "gmail" and divide by total number ofRecipients

Question # 6

Which three factors can be tested in an email preview prior to executing the delivery? (Choose three.)

A. mirror pages
B. personalization
C. spam score
D. opt-out link

Question # 7

How should a campaign business practitioner test that dynamic content in delivery displays properly?

A. Configure the delivery to enable a content control group
B. Configure the delivery to enable content approval
C. Configure the delivery content to include seeds
D. Configure the delivery to send a proof of each content version

Question # 8

Campaigns with many deliveries are using multiple channels.How should the Business Practitioner group these deliveries for reporting?

A. delete all deliveries that do not need to be in the report
B. give all deliveries the same Delivery Code
C. base all deliveries on the same template
D. give all deliveries the same name

Question # 9

Which three aspects of an A/B test should a Practitioner use Adobe Campaign to configure? (Choose three.)

A. confidence level
B. indicators
C. response delay
D. sample size

Question # 10

How would you ensure a delivery is NOT sent to multiple recipients with the same email address?

A. Place a deduplication activity prior to the delivery
B. Place a union activity prior to the delivery
C. Place a change dimension activity prior to the delivery
D. Place a split activity prior to the delivery

Question # 11

For which reason does a fork activity produce an error?

A. The fork has no inbound transition
B. The fork’s outbound transition are out of sequence
C. The fork has an inbound transition that has zero results
D. The fork’s outbound transition has no connected activity

Question # 12

Which two tasks can be performed to reduce the probability of a delivery being blocked or flagged as 'spam' by anti-spam tools? (Choose two.)

A. Make sure your delivery does not contain only images
B. Email content should have both HTML and text parts
C. Specify recipient’s name in the greeting
D. Specify an English translation for non English mails

Question # 13

What should a Practitioner use to add recipients by using the Adobe Campaign client?

A. the 'Edit' tab of the Recipients schema under Administration – Configuration – Data schemas
B. 'Import Package' under 'Tools' drop down menu – Advanced menu option
C. the 'Data' tab of the Recipients schema under Administration – Configuration – Data schemas
D. the 'Recipients' form under Profiles and Targets – Recipients