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Adobe AD0-E452 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An architect needs to devise a plan to capture user activity given the following scenario:A credit card company plans to run an acquisition program in partnership with a hospitality company.The hospitality company agrees to advertise the credit card company’s product offer on its website to itscurrent customers.The hospitality company redirects the current customers to the credit card company’s website to applyfor the credit card after clicking on the advertisement.The hospitality company wants to track the members’ actions on the credit card application pages inAudience Manager.What should an architect recommend to meet these requirements?

A. Deploy Audience Manager tracking pixel on credit card application pages
B. Activate loyalty members’ data using the services of an onboarding partner
C. Deploy Audience Manager DIL code on credit card company website
D. Enable server-side forwarding with the credit card company

Question # 2

Which statement represents the steps for generating a Customer Data Feed (CDF)?

A. Architect can begin self-service set up using a secure, customer-specific Amazon S3 bucket to start CDF file delivery
B. Audience Manager generates CDF files hourly and stores them in a secure, customer-specific Amazon S3 bucket
C. Architect can begin self-service set up using a secure, customer-specific on-premise file location to start CDF file delivery
D. Audience Manager generates CDF files daily and stores them in a secure, customer-specific on-premise location

Question # 3

A client recently enabled the Audience Analytics functionality between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager. The client recently mapped several segments from Audience Manager to Analytics, and one segment does not show any population in Analytics.The client provides the following information:4.Experience Cloud ID service is implemented.5.The segments use offline propensity model traits.6.The correct Report Suite has been selected in the Analytics destination.Which item should the architect confirm to begin troubleshooting?

A. Server-side forwarding is enabled.
B. The segment has a real-time population.
C. ID syncs are enabled.
D. The segment uses a Device Graph merge rule.

Question # 4

A client wants to display personalized marketing offers to customers who have logged in at least once within the past 60 days.The client needs to display these offers throughout their website even if the customer is not currently logged in.Which option should an architect recommend to the client?

A. Last Authenticated Profiles + No Device Profile
B. Current Authenticated Profile + No Device Profile
C. Current Authenticated Profile + Profile Link Device Graph
D. Last Authenticated Profiles + Profile Link Device Graph

Question # 5

A global telecommunications company wants to allow its business practitioners to create onboarded traits for onboarded first-party data through Natural Match. The business practitioners only have access to their own region-specific data sources.The Customer ID is synched with Data Source ID: 432145.The Latin America Business Practitioner has access to Data Source ID: 761432.Adobe Experience Cloud ID is enabled.The files are split by each region.Which design should the architect select to meet these requirements?

A. Use 761432 as the DPID and 432145 as the TDPID in the file name
B. Add a column in the file for Data Source 761432
C. Use 761432 as the DPID in the file name
D. Use 432145 as the DPID and 761432 as the TDPID in the file name

Question # 6

An Adobe Target client recently acquired Audience Manager to manage and activate its audiences in the targetin platforms including Adobe Target. The client is planning to implement Experience Cloud ID service in the next 6 months. The client would like to share the audiences with Adobe Target for an onsite promotionprogram planned to launch next month.Which recommendation should an architect make to the client?

A. Suggest sharing audiences via Customer Data Feed
B. Suggest sharing audiences via Profiles & Audiences
C. Suggest sharing audiences via Server to Server type destination
D. Suggest sharing audiences via Cookie type destination

Question # 7

A client wants to do off-site media suppression across all of a user’s devices for users who have logged in to the mobile app and enabled email notifications. Currently, email notifications can only be enabled through the client’s website in the My Account section.Which Profile Merge rule should the architect select to meet these requirements?

A. Current Authenticated + No Device
B. Last Authenticated + Current Device
C. Current Authenticated + Profile Link
D. No Authenticated + Adobe Co-op

Question # 8

During online data collection, an event call captures geographic location as a key-value pair “dcs_region”:region ID parameter returned in a larger body of JSON data.How are the parameters being passed?

A. Directly to Data Collection Servers using APIs or data collection code
B. Indirectly to Profile Cache Servers using UI controls
C. Indirectly to Data Collection Servers using UI controls
D. Directly to Profile Cache Servers using APIs or data collection code

Question # 9

A subscription services client has a goal for the new year to decrease customer churn by identifying at-risk customers online and presenting special offers to those customers. If a customer falls into any two of the categories below, the client considers them a high risk of churn:The customer has called into Customer Service 3 or more times within the last 30 days.The customer is within 2 months of the end of their subscription agreement.The customer last left an online rating feedback of 3 or lower based on a 5-point scale.The customer is within the first 30 days of signing up for service.The client would like to use AAM to identify these high-risk churn customers throughout its digital ecosystem.Which option should an architect implement?

A. Segment based on customer CRM call-in/subscription data and Adobe Analytics for ratings data
B. Segment using an onsite media pixel for ratings data and customer CRM call-in/subscription data
C. Segment based on real-time data passed from Adobe Analytics
D. Segment based on first-party data upload from the client’s CRM system

Question # 10

A client plans to run a media program to target site visitors at a Demand Site Platform (DSP) that has Serverto-Server integration with Audience Manager.The size of audiences within AAM looks appropriate to launch the media program.The audience match rate between Audience Manager and the DSP is lower than expected.Based on Solutions Consultant recommendations, the client enabled the ID Sync with the DSP on the client’s website to increase the match rate.Which Audience Manager call should an architect validate?