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Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Support Exam
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  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Avaya 7492X Sample Questions

Question # 1

A customer has calls coming Into theircontact center constantly. They do not want their customers to be waiting long beforetheir call is answered, even ifIt is answered at a different site.Which two features should be used in the vectors to ensure that all calls are answered tn a timely fashion? (Choose two.)

A. Network Call Redirection
B. Look-ahead Interflow
C. Virtual Outflow
D. Enhanced Look-ahead Interflow

Question # 2

What is the process for routing calls to one or more networked locations that appear as single center called?

A. Virtual Site Routing
B. Multiple Routing
C. Best Service Routing
D. Interflow Routing

Question # 3

When deploying virtual environments, what factors should you consider for your virtual server?

A. Configure resources where the virtual appliances are on the same host if possible
B. Configure resources on as many separate partitions as possible
C. Configure resources for traffic or performance for an average day
D. Configure resources in a way that you can monitor their performance regularly

Question # 4

While a Look-Ahead Interflow attempt is being made, which feedback is the caller receiving?

A. The caller hears the feedback that Is provided by the sending switch.
B. The caller always hears ringback.
C. The caller hears the feedback that is provided bythe receiving switch.
D. The caller always hears silence.

Question # 5

Which three statements about LAI requirements aretrue? (Choose three.)

A. Intelligently route calls among the call centers to achieve a better ACD load balance.
B. The receiving switchis able to accept or deny interflowed calls sent by the sending switch.
C. The routing of an incoming call to an external switch must beanswered at the originating switch.
D. Look-Ahead Interflow (LAI) improves call-handling capabilityand agent productivity for callcenters with multiple locations.
E. It Is able to use the adjust-by vector command to better manage EWT.

Question # 6

A customer wants to archive their log files using the Ttrace Log2Zip applicationWhich setting can they choose to archive their files?

A. The type of log file and the name
B. The period of time, the name, and the files to be archived
C. The size of the log file and which files to archive
D. The number of lines in the log and the commands

Question # 7

Which two vector variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.)

A. stepcnt
B. dow
C. value
D. ani
E. collect

Question # 8

A customer using the TTrace tool wants the TTrace system to send an email when the system logs a particulartype of alarm on the TTRace server.Which TTrace tool will accomplish this?

A. TTrace Config
B. TTrace Server
C. TTrace Console
D. TTrace Log2Zip

Question # 9

Whatare two call vectoring command failures for"adjunct routing"? (Choose two.)

A. The VDN's COR does not permit routing to the adjuncts applied destination.
B. The specified agent Is not logged into the specified split tor a direct agent call.
C. The VDN's COS-group does not have Console Permission set to y.
D. The CTI link can be any Identifier.

Question # 10

Given the following conditions:In the Business Advance configurationDuring agent surplus conditionsWHEN agents are availableThe agent selection method is PADWhen a call arrives, how will the Communication Manager interpret the highest priority calls?

A. As the highest skill level agent with the lowest occupancy
B. As the agent withthe lowest ratio of adjusted work time and target allocation for the skill
C. As the highest skill level, most idle agent
D. As the most idle agent, without regard to skill level

Question # 11

Which two commands will assess the behavior of a command that is used to route calls? (Choose two.)

A. list trace VDN
B. list trace vector
C. display events
D. list trace station

Question # 12

A customer using the TTrace tool wants to see a list of services that have been configured, and also select their respective logging levels.Which TTrace tool will accomplish this?

A. TTrace Log2Zip
B. TTrace Configuration
C. TTrace Server
D. TTrace Console

Question # 13

A customer reports that they have an active alarm. The alarm is from the Media Director and reads “DeviceMonitor Failure”.What should you advise the customer to do?

A. Check the License Director configuration and ensure the service is running
B. Restart and Stop the Media Director to resolve the error
C. Check the Media Director configuration and Avaya Aura® Communication Manager
D. Check the device exists in Communication Manager and that it is added in the AES Security database