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Blue-Prism AD01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A Blue Prism solution interfaces with an internet application called HappyWeb. There is a test website available for development, and a training site available for user acceptance testing, and there is the production she available for processing live cases in HappyWeb. Which of the following is true?

A. All development and testing MUST be done using the production site. This is because the test and training websites might not mirror production exactly.
B. A local text file should be used to easily configure the details of the HappyWeb website to be used in each Blue Prism environment.
C. An Environment variable should be used to store the HappyWeb URL.
D. Three different versions of object that launches the HappyWeb website will need to be created and maintained, one for each environment.

Question # 2

If you change a session variable when will the new value be available to the process?

A. Immediately
B. Next time a new case is taken from a WQ
C. Next time resource PC starts
D. Next time the process starts

Question # 3

How many Start Stages can a sub-page in a Process have?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. Any Number

Question # 4

Which of the following statements regarding the use of Work Queues are correct? (select 2 responses)

A. Control Room allows filtering of the displayed queue items using exact tags and by using wildcards
B. Wildcards are not allowed in the Tag Fitter property of the Work Queues business object Get Next Item action
C. Work Queue item Status can only be set to Completed or Exception
D. Tags can be used allow flexibility in the order items are worked within a single Work Queue

Question # 5

The Work Queue 'Account Closure has a number of Pending Items which may be tagged as "Current", "Saving" or "Loan" What is the correct configuration to get the next item from the queue that is tagged either "Current" or "Loan"?

A. Configure "Current or Loan" in the Tag Filter parameter
B. Configure "-Saving" in the Tag Filter parameter
C. Configure "Current; Loan: in the Tag Filter parameter
D. Configure "Current + Loan'" in the Tag Filter parameter

Question # 6

When building a solution to use Tags within a Work Queue, which of the following statements is correct true?

A. Adding a tag requires an item to be locked
B. Adding a tag requires an item to be locked if there are multiple resources working the same queue
C. Adding a tag does not require an item to be locked

Question # 7

How can an environment variable value be updated? (select all that apply)

A. By using the Internal - Environment Variables business object
B. By changing the Blue Prism Server configuration
C. By updating the value in Control Room
D. By updating the value in Credential Manager.
E. By updating the value in System Manager

Question # 8

In which of these scenarios is it ok not to use a Blue Prism work queue as part of your Blue Prism solution?

A. A Blue Prism work queue is not required for simple linear processes that do not work multiple cases.
B. A Blue Prism work queue should always be used. It eliminates the risk of contention and allows you to gracefully pause the queue at any time.
C. A Blue Prism work queue is not required if the business process interfaces with a Work List system with in-built capability to ensure multiple users cannot work the same case at the same time
D. A Blue Prism Work Queue decreases the scalability of the solution and therefore should only be used for complex scenarios such as multi-day processing.

Question # 9

When designing a Blue Prism solution a Blue Prism architect must respect the requirement that no customer data is visible within the Blue Prism database. Consider these possible design alternatives: 1. No customer data in the work queue 2. Encrypt the data in the work queue 3. Switch off all stage parameter logging Which combination of the above will guarantee that no customer data is visible in the Blue Prism log file?

A. 1 only
B. 2 and 3
C. 1 and 3
D. None

Question # 10

Which of the following can you perform in me System -> Workflow area of Blue Prism? (select all that apply)

A. View the contents of a Work Queue
B. Refresh a Work Queue
C. Encrypt a Work Queue
D. create a Work Queue

Question # 11

You identify an element in Application Modeller but when you highlight or use that element Blue Prism gives you an error message saying that duplicate elements were found. Which of the following statements is true?

A. It is common for duplicate elements to be found based upon the attributes that are ticked by default using the Blue Prism product. Time needs to be spent experimenting with the attribute ticks until a unique, reliable, and consistent selection of attributes are found.
B. It will not be possible to interface with the element in a unique way. You will need to use Surface Automation techniques for this element.
C. A code stage interface will need to be created and used for this application, this will give you more flexibility to interact with the application elements.
D. You will need to make the attributes you have selected dynamic. This will allow your flow to loop around, incrementing the attribute value until the correct element is found and used.

Question # 12

A Blue Prism solution works fine when developing and testing it in Process and Object studio but when it is ran in Control Room exceptions occur because of screen elements not being found. What is the most likely cause?

A. The most likely cause for the errors is that your application has changed.
B. The most likely cause for the errors seen in Control Room is that best practice use of wait stages has not been followed.
C. The most likely cause for the errors is that the Object Studio action has not been published and therefore cannot be used by the Process in control room.
D. The most likely cause for the exceptions is that best practice exception handling has not been incorporated into the Process.

Question # 13

According to Blue Prism best practice which of the following information would be appropriate to store in a Work Queue tag? (select 3 responses)

A. Something that identifies the type of work that was performed Example tags might be: Funds Transferred, SIM Card Requested, Account, Closed, Account Suspended, Account Noted
B. Something that identifies exact datetime of a step in the process. Example of tags might include Account Closed 20/03/2017 12:12:16, Work Completed 20/03/2017 12:12:16: Request Loaded 20/03/2017 12:12:16
C. Something that identifies the source of work. Example of tags might include: Email, Web Form, Excel Adhoc. Database
D. Something that identifies the client record to make work queue items easier to search. Example tags might be a phone number, customer reference number or ID, customer full name. For example: +4407994446767, 00023231 A; Mr John A Smith
E. Something that identifies the type of process scenario. Example of tags might include: Invalid Product, Unrecognised customer, Goneaway Marker, Invalid Status F. Details of an exception that has occurred. For example: The Login Screen was not found.