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Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services (300-515 SPVI)
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Cisco 300-515 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer noticed that PE3 is failing to accept IPv6 traffic information from PE1 Theengineer confirmed that both PE3 and PE1 routers are configured accurately with IPv6protocol To eliminate IPv6 traffic loss issue, which action must the engineer take to solvethe problem?

A. Disable 6PVE that provides local IPv6 reachability over MPLS. 
B. Configure 6PE that provides global IPv6 reachability over IPv4 MPLS 
C. Allow PE routers use the MP-iBGP extensions in the IPv6 network configuration toexchange IPv6 reachability information. 
D. Configure 6PE forwarding between 6PE routers based on the IPv6 header 

Question # 2

How do PE routers exchange CE routes between remote sites?

A. by converting CE routes into VPNv4 routes and exchanging them using MP-BGP 
B. by establishing BGP neighbor relationships between all connected CEs to exchangerouting information 
C. by learning IPv4 routes from connected CEs and redistributing them into the global IGP 
D. by converting CE routes into VPNv4 routes and exchanging them using the global IGP 

Question # 3

How does Layer 3 VPN traffic traverse an ISP network?

A. Devices on the network use MPLS labels to share VPN routes between P routers in thenetwork. 
B. Devices on the network use LSAs to share routes between P routers in the network. 
C. Devices on the network use MPLS labels to move VPN traffic through the network. 
D. Devices on the network use GRE tunnels to move traffic between VRFs. 

Question # 4

How do Ethernet virtual circuits provide a way for service providers to maximize the use ofVLAN tags'-1

A. They add an additional tag to VLANs that allows up to two switch ports to use the sameglobally configured VLAN ID. 
B. They redefine the VLAN tag to include classification, forwarding, and QoS using MPLSlabels and EXP bits 
C. They separate the classification and forwarding concepts for VLAN tagging which allowsmultiple switch ports to use the same VLAN ID without it being configured globally. 
D. They assign VLAN IDs to VTP domains so that the same VLAN ID are used more thanonce globally. 

Question # 5

What is a requirement to share VRF reachability information to all members of a VPN whenusing IPv6?

A. PE and CE routers must be running BGP as the PE-CE routing protocol 
B. PE routers must have MPLS disabled and be running MP-BGP between all P and PErouters. 
C. PE routers must be running MP-BGP and bgp default ipv4-unicast must be disabled 
D. All PEs must have the same VRFs configured. 

Question # 6

The network engineering group of a large ISP needs to harden the management plane ofits Cisco 9000Series ASRs. While addressing IPv6 ICMP issues, they realized they have to limit the rateat which IPv6 ICMP error messages are sent out on the network. Which command do theyneed to apply?

A. icmp ipv6 rate-limit unreachable 1000 
B. ipv6 rate-limit 1000 
C. icmp ipv4 rate-limit unreachable 1000 
D. ipv6 icmp error-interval 50 20 

Question # 7

Which optional information can be included with an IPv6 ping to support thetroubleshooting process?

A. IPv4 IP address 
B. source MAC address 
C. destination MAC address 
D. IPv6 hostname 

Question # 8

What do routers on the network use to avoid routing loops when OSPF is running as thePE-CE routing protocol on a service provider network?

A. the AS-Override feature 
B. the DN bit with type 3, 5, or 7 LSA 
C. the domain tag for type 2 LSA 
D. sham links to create a super backbone over the service provider network 

Question # 9

A network engineer is implementing Layer 3 MPLS VPNs on Cisco IOS/IOS XE PE routers.Which PE-to-CE routing protocol requires a separate routing process to be created foreach VRF?

A. RIPv2 

Question # 10

Which condition must be met before an environment can support CSC?

A. The CSC-PE and CSC-CE must each be able to ping an interface in its respectiveglobal routing table. 
B. The CSC-PE and the CSC-CE must support IPv6. 
C. The CSC-PE and CSC-CE devices must be able to send labels to one another usingBGP. 
D. The CSC-CE must support OSPFv3. 

Question # 11

Which BGP feature causes to replace the AS number of originating router with the AS number of the sending router?

A. route reflectors 
B. route dampening 
C. confederations 
D. AS override 

Question # 12

Which statement describes the no bgp default route-target filter command?

A. Prefixes that are received with route targets and distinguisher are accepted. 
B. Prefixes that are received with route targets and distinguisher are not accepted. 
C. Prefixes that are received with route targets that are not imported at the PE are notaccepted. 
D. Prefixes that are received with route targets that are not imported at the PE areaccepted. 

Question # 13

Which kind of traffic is supported in an MVPN Extranet?

A. PIM dense mode with Reverse Path Forwarding 
B. PIM dense mode 
C. PIM sparse mode 
D. Bidirectional PIM