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Implementing Cisco Collaboration Conferencing (CLCNF)
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Cisco 300-825 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator configures a Call Bridge to record meetings. Which two configuration elements tell the Call Bridge where to find the recording server? (Choose two.)

A. tenants
C. DTMF combination
D. sipRecorderUri
E. outbound rules

Question # 2

An administrator sets up conference resources by using a clustered Cisco Meeting Server deployment for07B13F58239056B81577933EB624485B video endpoints that are registered to Expressway. The administrator must ensure that no single server gets overloaded within the cluster. What should be configured to accomplish this goal?

A. a record with the cluster FQDN of the Cisco Meeting Server in the external DNS servers.
B. Expressway-C as the traversal client to Expressway-E.
C. Cisco Meeting Server and Expressway-C in the same domain.
D. a separate zone for Cisco Meeting Server servers in the cluster.

Question # 3

Which type of zone should be configured on the Expressway-C to route calls to Cisco Meeting Server spaces?

C. traversal
D. neighbor

Question # 4

What is the maximum number of full HD external web app calls that is supported per large OVA Expressway?

A. 800
B. 600
C. 150
D. 200

Question # 5

A company wants to keep conferencing resources isolated and local for a new branch. The branch has one administrator for both internal and external traffic. Which Cisco Meeting Server deployment should be used?

A. Scalable and Resilient Cisco Meeting Server
B. Cisco Meeting Server Edge
C. Single Combined Cisco Meeting Server
D. Single Split Cisco Meeting Serve

Question # 6

outgoing SIP TLS data to from, size 5430: BEGINNING OF MESSAGE INVITE sip:jabberuser@pod1.local SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK6e7932e8ae287a80ee699eb04a6155a2 Call-ID: cf600c54-974c-48e5-92e2-95b1d4b9218f CSeq: 1199885731 INVITE Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: ;isFocus To: From: “CCNP Collaboration” ;tag=73a834a850d8ed13 Replaces: 5e158900-10001-ee62f-0@;to-tag=1769141~ba2cc769-5032-4f8fa864-9a51 Allow: INVITE, ACK, CANCEL, OPTIONS, INFO, BYE, UPDATE, REFER, SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY, MESSAGE Supported: timer, X-cisco-callinfo Session-Expires: 1800 Min-SE: 90 User-Agent: Acano CallBridge END OF MESSAGE incoming SIP TLS data from to, size 402: BEGINNING OF MESSAGE SIP/2.0 403 Forbidden Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK6e7932e8ae287a80ee699eb04a6155a2 From: “CCNP Collaboration” ;tag=73a834a850d8ed13 To: ;tag=252834177 Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 18:25:12 GMT Call-ID: cf600c54-974c-48e5-92e2-95b1d4b9218f CSeq: 1199885731 INVITE Allow-Events: presence07B13F58239056B81577933EB624485B Server: Cisco-CUCM12.5 Content-Length: 0 END OF MESSAGERefer to the exhibit. Some calls fail to connect after an engineer implements load balancing for a Cisco Meeting Server cluster. The engineer determines that if a call leaves Cisco UCM using the Cisco Meeting Server 1 SIP trunk, but the conference is already hosted on Cisco Meeting Server 2, then the call fails. If the call leaves Cisco UCM using the Cisco Meeting Server 2 SIP trunk, but the conference is already hosted on Cisco Meeting Server 1, then the call fails. What is the cause of the issue?

A. Cisco UCM is configured with the wrong X.509 certificate name for the Call Bridge.
B. Cisco UCM is sending calls to a Cisco Meeting Server when the calls are hosted on another Call Bridge in the same cluster.
C. The Cisco UCM SIP trunk security profile is not configured to accept the replaces header.
D. Cisco UCM does not have a SIP trunk to the Call Bridge.

Question # 7

In a cluster of Cisco Meeting Servers, one of the peer servers has the FQDN CMS1.local, and the web admin is running on 445. Which server address must be configured in the clustered Call Bridges page?

A. http://cms1.local
B. https://cms1.local
C. https://cms1.local:445
D. http://cms1.local:445

Question # 8

Which source does Cisco Meeting Management integrate with to get a directory provisioned?

A. UDS in Cisco UCM
B. phonebook service in Cisco TMS
C. external LDAP
D. user directory on Expressway-C

Question # 9

Which rule is required for Skype for Business users to use spaces on a cluster of Cisco Meeting Servers?

A. an outbound call rule that maps the local contract domain as the cluster FQDN
B. an outbound call rule that sets each domain to use pass through as the caller ID
C. an inbound call rule that sets each domain to use pass through as the caller ID
D. an inbound call rule that matches the domain that users are calling

Question # 10

A Cisco Meeting Server cluster is deployed across three data centers. One is headquarters, and two are07B13F58239056B81577933EB624485B branch offices. Which database deployment is ideal for geo-redundancy in multiple locations?

A. three database nodes in the headquarters data center
B. two database nodes in the headquarters data center and one database node in each branch data center
C. two database nodes in each branch data center
D. one database node in each data cente

Question # 11

guest login request 562763450: resolution in progress guest login request 562763450: call ID lookup scheduled guest login request 562763450: resolution in progress guest login request 562763450: credential storage scheduled (queue length: 1) created guest account with user ID “quest487660227” guest login request 562763450: credential storage executed guest login request 562763450: credential storage in progress guest login request 562763450: successfully stored credentials instantiating user “guest487660227” conference f5771a88-0f36-4b58-8dbd-934aaa579ebf: locked due to lack of lock consensus conference f5771a88-0f36-4b58-8dbd-934aaa579ebf: lock state has changed to locked API “3.0 Record Test Space” Space GUID: 71b4f99f-2365-4730-b3d9-d2d61505150c <--> Call Correlator GUID: 334b0c10-6f85-4760-97abconference f5771a88-0f36-4b58-8dbd-934aaa579ebf: lock state has changed to unlocked starting automatic recording (space “3.0 Record Test Space”) API call leg 121d2c87-6940-4483-8d3d-71ff162947ba in call f5771a88-0f36- 4b58b8dbd-934aaa579ebf (API call 5a0a7f49-78f8-46fd-add9-4a conference f5771a88-0f36-4b58-8dbd-934aaa579ebf has control/media GUID: d7f2d940- c7d9-4421-8f13-7bf94756b08a conference f5771a88-0f36-4b58-8dbd-934aaa579ebf named “3.0 Record Test Space” unable to start recording – recorder URI not configured new session created for user “guest487660227” call 49: allocated for guest487660227 “Web” conference participation call 49: configured - API call leg 121d2c87-6940-4483-8d3d-8d3d-71ff162947ba call 49: setting up combined RTP session for DTLS (combined media and control) participant “quest487660227” joined space 71b4f99f-2365-4730-b3d9-d2d61505150c (3.0 Record Test Space) participant “quest487660227” (121d2c87-6940-4483-8d3d-71ff162947ba) joined conference f5771a88-0f36-4b58-8dbd-934aaa579ebf via W call 49: starting DTLS combined media negotiation (as initiator) call 49: completed DTLS combined media negotiation invalid API operation - unhandleable URI /api/v1/recorders user “guest487660227”: deactivating due to session resource teardown call 49: tearing down (“guest487660227” conference media) call 449: destroying API call leg 121d2c87-6940-4483-8d3d-71ff162947baRefer to the exhibit. An administrator tries to implement a recording with a Cisco Meeting Server version 3.0 deployment. A separate VM is deployed and configured with the recorder service. During testing, it is discovered that the recording is failing, and the administrator collects logs. Which configuration step should be completed?

A. In the coSpace configuration, a secondaryUri must be configured.
B. In the callLegProfile, recordingControlAllowed must be set to true.
C. In the Outbound dial rules, the recording domain must have a rule.
D. In the CallProfile, the sipRecorderUri must be configured.

Question # 12

An organization wants to ensure that off-premises users can use a browser to join the Cisco Meeting Server web app without needing additional software. What must be included in the Expressway-E certificate to accomplish this goal?

A. the Call Bridge name as a SAN
B. the Web Admin interface FQDN as a SAN
C. the name of each Cisco Meeting Server that is part of the cluster
D. the Guest account client URI as a SAN

Question # 13

User A is attempting to call User B. Both phones are registered to Cisco UCM. User A tries to add a third caller to the conversation but cannot complete the conference. Calls from User A into a Cisco Meeting Server space are working. Upon troubleshooting, it is discovered that the issue is caused by Cisco UCM not trusting a certificate. What certificate must be trusted by Cisco UCM to resolve this issue?

A. Database
B. Web Admin
C. Call Bridge
D. Web Bridge