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Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (350-601 DCCOR)
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Cisco 350-601 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer configured an environment that contains the vPC and non-vPC switches. However, it was noticed that the downstream non-vPC switches do not receive the upstream vPC switch peers. Which vPC feature must be implement to ensure that vPC and non-vPC switches receive same STP bridge ID from the upstream vPC switch peers? 

A. vpc local role-priority 4000  
B. peer-switch  
C. system-mac 0123.4567.89ab  
D. peer-gateway  

Question # 2

A cisco Nexus 9000 series switch experiences a startup configuration comuption. The engineer must implement a procedure to recover configuration file from the switch. Which command set must be used?

A. 1. Copy the running-configuration to the startup configuration. 2. Clear the current configuration of the switch. 3. Restart the device. 4. Copy a previously saved configuration file to the running configuration.
B. 1. Clear the current configuration of the switch 2. Restart the device. 3. Copy the running configuration to the startup configuration 4. Copy a previously saved configuration file to the running configuration 
C. 1. Clear the current configuration of the switch 2. Restart the device. 3. Copy a previously saved configuration file to the running-configuration 4. Copy the running-configuration to the startup configuration. 
D. 1.Restarting device. 2. Copy the running-configuration file to a remote server. 3. Clear the current configuration of the switch. 4. Copy the running configuration to the startup configuration 

Question # 3

What is a benefit of using the Cisco UCS Lightweight upgrade feature? 

A. Security updates are scheduled with the next reboot of the fabric interconnects.  
B. All servers are rebooted to push the latest updates.  
C. The firmware version of a component is updated only when it has been modified.  
D. A soft reboot is available for the fabric interconnects.  

Question # 4

A Cisco UCS user called "Employee1" accidentally changed the boot policy of the Cisco UCS server at the Cisco UCS Manager root level. This change impacted all service profiles and their storage connectivity was lost. The system administrator wants to prevent this issue from recurring in the future. The new security policy mandates that access must be restricted up to the organization level and prevent other users from modifying root policies. Which action must be taken to meet these requirements? 

A. Modify the privilege level assigned to the user  
B. Define a custom user role and assign it to users  
C. Assign the user "Employee1" the network-operator role  
D. Assign users to a specific Cisco UCS locale  

Question # 5

A Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch runs VXLAN, and interface Ethernet 7/30 is configured as a trunk port. Which command set configures the switch to act as a gateway for VLAN 50? interface Ethernet7/30 no switchport no shutdown service instance 1 vni no shutdown

A. encapsulation profile VSI_50_TO_500 default 
B. encapsulation profile vni VSI_50_TO_500 Question No : 193 Cisco 350-601 : Practice Test 149 dot1q 500 vni 50 bridge-domain 500 member vni 50 interface Vlan500 ip address
C. encapsulation profile vni VSI_50_TO_500 dot1q 500 vni 50 bridge-domain 500 member vni 50 interface Bdi500 jp address 
D. encapsulation profile vni VSI_50_TO_500 dot1q 50 vni 500bridge-domain 50 member vni 500 interface Bdi50 ip address
E. encapsulation profile vni VSI_50_TO_500 dot1q 50 vni 500 bridge-domain 50 member vni 500 interface Vlan50 ip address 

Question # 6

A Cisco ACI engineer must configure an access port on a Cisco ACI leaf switch. The access policy should be configured so that it supports L30ut connectivity concurrently with several EPGs that are mapped to this interface with the static port method. How should the access policy be configured? 

A. by linking the interface policy group to multiple Attachable Access Entity Profiles  
B. with a single Attachable Access Entity Profile that is linked to the corresponding routed domain and physical domain
C. with two interface policy groups that are linked to the same interface profile port selector  
D. by mapping a single physical domain, mapped to the L3out and EPG interfaces  

Question # 7

A network engineer repeatedly saves a configuration on Catalyst switches to NVRAM using the write memory command. What action should be taken to implement the same action on Nexus switches?

A. Use the write memory command to save the configuration.  
B. Use the alias command to use the write memory command.  
C. Use the exit command to leave the configuration mode and save the configuration automatically
D. Use the wri command to use the copy running-config startup-config command.  

Question # 8

An engineer is implementing the Cisco ACI fabric and must create two different vPCs from leaf switches A and B. The vPCs are deployed as follows: •vPC 1 encompasses ports Eth 1 /1 on leaf A and B and connects to server 1. •vPC 2 encompasses port Eth1/2 on leaf A and B and connects to server 2. A leaf switch profile listing leaves A and B is already configured Which ACI object must be created to meet these requirements

A. two vPC interface policy groups  
B. one access port interface policy group  
C. two PortChannel interface policy groups  
D. one vPC interface policy group  

Question # 9

A POAP-enabled Cisco Nexus switch will not enter POAP mode. Which two conditions should be verified? (Choose two.

A. Bootflash must contain a special directory named POAP with file.  
B. The switch is in bootup process.  
C. No startup configuration is available.  
D. The license file is missing on the switch.  
E. No Cisco NX-OS image is present on the bootflash.  

Question # 10

A company is running a pair of cisco Nexus 7706 series switches as part of a data center segment. All network engineers have restricted read-Write access to the core switches. A network engineer must a new FCoE VLAN to allow traffic from services toward FCoE storage. Which set of actions must be taken to meet these requirements? 

A. 1. Create a user defined role and add the required privileges. 2. Assign a role to a user. 
B. 1. Add the required privilege to the VDC-admin role. 
C. Commit the changes to the active user database
D. 1. Modify a network-operator role and add the required privileges. 2. Assign a VDC-operator role to a user
E. 1. Assign the network-admin role to a user. 2. Commit the role to the switch to the active user database 

Question # 11

An engineer must perform a software upgrade on a production Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch. Before the upgrade activity, the requirement is for all ports to be shut down and routing protocols to terminate gracefully. Which feature must be used to meet these requirements? 

A. Configuration Profile 
B. Maintenance Mode Profile 
C. Switch Profile 
D. Service Profile Template 

Question # 12

What occurs when running the command install deactivate while a software maintenance upgrade is performed on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switch?

A. The current set of packages is committed. 
B. The package is removed from the switch.
C. The package features for the line card are disabled.
D. The current upgrade stops. 

Question # 13

An administrator is implementing DCNM so that events are triggered when monitored traffic exceeds the configured present utili zation threshold. The requirement is to configuration a maximum limit of 39860437 bytes that applies directly to the statistics collected as a ratio of the total link capacity. Which DCNM performance monitoring configuration parameter must be implemented to achieve this result? 

A. Absolution Values  
B. Baseline  
C. Utill%  
D. Per port Monitoring