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Certified Ethical Hacker Exam (CEHv12)
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Eccouncil 312-50v12 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Richard, an attacker, targets an MNC. in this process, he uses a footprinting technique to gather as much information as possible. Using this technique, he gathers domain information such as the target domain name, contact details of its owner, expiry datae, and creation datae. With this information, he creates a map of the organization's network and misleads domain owners with social engineering to obtain internal details of its network. What type of footprinting technique is employed by Richard?

A. VoIP footprinting 
B. VPN footprinting 
C. Whois footprinting 
D. Email footprinting

Question # 2

in this form of encryption algorithm, every Individual block contains 64-bit data, and three keys are used, where each key consists of 56 bits. Which is this encryption algorithm? 

B. Triple Data Encryption standard  
C. MDS encryption algorithm
D. AES  

Question # 3

You start performing a penetration test against a specific website and have decided to start from grabbing all the links from the main page. What Is the best Linux pipe to achieve your milestone? 

A. dirb | grep "site" 
B. curl -s | grep ˜< a href-\http" | grep "Site-com- | cut -d "V" 
C. wget | grep "< a href=\*http" | grep "" 
D. wget | cut-d"http

Question # 4

Don, a student, came across a gaming app in a third-party app store and Installed it. Subsequently, all the legitimate apps in his smartphone were replaced by deceptive applications that appeared legitimate. He also received many advertisements on his smartphone after Installing the app. What is the attack performed on Don in the above scenario? 

A. SMS phishing attack  
B. SIM card attack 
C. Agent Smith attack  
D. Clickjacking  

Question # 5

By performing a penetration test, you gained access under a user account. During the test, you established a connection with your own machine via the SMB service and occasionally entered your login and password in plaintext. Which file do you have to clean to clear the password?

A. .X session-log  
B. .bashrc  
C. .profile  
D. .bash_history  

Question # 6

An organization has automated the operation of critical infrastructure from a remote location. For this purpose, all the industrial control systems are connected to the Internet. To empower the manufacturing process, ensure the reliability of industrial networks, and reduce downtime and service disruption, the organization deckled to install an OT security tool that further protects against security incidents such as cyber espionage, zero-day attacks, and malware. Which of the following tools must the organization employ to protect its critical infrastructure? 

A. Robotium  
B. BalenaCloud  
C. Flowmon  
D. IntentFuzzer  

Question # 7

Louis, a professional hacker, had used specialized tools or search engines to encrypt all his browsing activity and navigate anonymously to obtain sensitive/hidden information about official government or federal databases. After gathering the Information, he successfully performed an attack on the target government organization without being traced. Which of the following techniques is described in the above scenario?

A. Dark web footprinting  
B. VoIP footpnnting  
C. VPN footprinting  
D. website footprinting  

Question # 8

Dorian Is sending a digitally signed email to Polly, with which key is Dorian signing this message and how is Poly validataing It? 

A. Dorian is signing the message with his public key. and Poly will verify that the message came from Dorian by using Dorian's private key. 
B. Dorian Is signing the message with Polys public key. and Poly will verify that the message came from Dorian by using Dorian's public key.
C. Dorian is signing the message with his private key. and Poly will verify that the message came from Dorian by using Dorian's public key. 
D. Dorian is signing the message with Polys private key. and Poly will verify mat the message came from Dorian by using Dorian's public key. 

Question # 9

Samuel, a professional hacker, monitored and Intercepted already established traffic between Bob and a host machine to predict Bob's ISN. Using this ISN, Samuel sent spoofed packets with Bob's IP address to the host machine. The host machine responded with <| packet having an Incremented ISN. Consequently. Bob's connection got hung, and Samuel was able to communicate with the host machine on behalf of Bob. What is the type of attack performed by Samuel in the above scenario?

A. UDP hijacking
B. Blind hijacking
C. TCP/IP hacking
D. Forbidden attack

Question # 10

if you send a TCP ACK segment to a known closed port on a firewall but it does not respond with an RST. what do you know about the firewall you are scanning? 

A. There is no firewall in place. 
B. This event does not tell you encrypting about the firewall.  
C. It is a stateful firewall 
D. It Is a non-stateful firewall.  

Question # 11

which of the following Bluetooth hacking techniques refers to the theft of information from a wireless device through Bluetooth?  

A. Bluesmacking
B. Bluebugging
C. Bluejacking 
D. Bluesnarfing

Question # 12

Abel, a cloud architect, uses container technology to deploy applications/software including all its dependencies, such as libraries and configuration files, binaries, and other resources that run independently from other processes in the cloud environment. For the containerization of applications, he follows the five-tier container technology architecture. Currently. Abel is verifying and validataing image contents, signing images, and sending them to the registries. Which of the following tiers of the container technology architecture Is Abel currently working in?

A. Tier-1: Developer machines
B. Tier-4: Orchestrators
C. Tier-3: Registries 
D. Tier-2: Testing and accreditation system

Question # 13

Bella, a security professional working at an it firm, finds that a security breach has occurred while transferring important files. Sensitive data, employee usernames. and passwords are shared In plaintext, paving the way for hackers 10 perform successful session hijacking. To address this situation. Bella Implemented a protocol that sends data using encryption and digital certificates. Which of the following protocols Is used by Bella? 

A. FTP