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F5 101 Sample Questions

Question # 1

In wh.ch layer of the OSI model is the data transported in the form of a packet? 

A. Transport  
B. Session  
C. Network  
D. Presentation  

Question # 2

A BIG IP Administrator reviews the Virtual Server configuration and sees the object status represented by a blue square tor an unknown status.How should the administrator change the unknown status?

A. restart the BIG-IP device  
B. assign a monitor to the pool  
C. restart the backend webserver  
D. run a packet capture on the BIG-IP device  

Question # 3

A VoIP application requires that data payloads will NOT be fragmented. Which protocol controls network behavior in this situation?

B. UDP  
C. TCP  
D. IP  

Question # 4

What does the HTTP status code 404 mean? 

A. Not Acceptable  
B. Forbidden  
C. Request Timeout  
D. Not found  

Question # 5

Client A from the 192. 162. 168.0. 0 0/24 network wants to send a Ping to Client B on10.10.10..0/24.The Default Gateway from Client A IS 192.168.0. 1The MAC Address of Client A is00 11. 11. 11. 11The MAC Address of client B is 00.22 22.22.22The MAC Address of Default Gateway is 00. 33.33. 33. 33What is the destination MAC Address of the ping packet when it leaves client A interfacecard?

A. 00. 11. 11. 11. 11  
B. f1. f1. f1. f1. f1  
C. 00.33. 33. 33. 33  
D. 00. 22. 22. 22. 22  

Question # 6

At which layer of the OSJ model does the DNS resolution process occur? 

A. Layer 7  
B. Layer 4  
C. Layer 2  
D. Layer 3  

Question # 7

Which service should be configured to allow BIG-IP devices to be externally monitored? 


Question # 8

Which protocol emphasizes reduced latency over reliability? 

A. TCP  
B. UDP  
C. GRE  

Question # 9

Why is it important that devices in a high availability pair share the same configuration? 

A. so that a spanning tree loop can be avoided  
B. so that application traffic can do gracefully resumed after a failover  
C. so that configuration Updates can occur instantly between two devices  
D. so that the load can be shared equally between the devices  

Question # 10

An administrator needs a data a format that is support authentication against an external security domain. The data format must format support SSO. Which data format should the administrator choose?

A. AAA  
B. Kerberos  
D. EAP  

Question # 11

Which device group type allows a BIG IP system to automatically become active in the event that the current active system fails?

A. Sync-active  
B. sync-failover  
C. sync-standby  
D. sync-only  

Question # 12

The BIG-IP device has the status of interface 2 1 as DOWN The BlG-IP Administrator. What is the likely reason for the status of the interface to be DOWN?

A. The interface 3/2/1 is UP on switch  
B. The interface 2.1 is disabled on the BIG-IP device  
C. The interface 3/2/1 is DOWN on switch  
D. The interface 2. 1 is unpopulated on the BIG-IP device  

Question # 13

Which function does a caching profile provide on the BIG IP server? 

A. caches client IP addresses to improve response times  
B. caches HTTP headers lo improve server load times.  
C. caches selected pool members to improve load balancing times.  
D. caches data for reuse to cut down on transfer time for future requests