Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination
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  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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NABP FPGEE Sample Questions

Question # 1

In an adequately powered, randomized controlled trial conducted over 3 years, a specific serious side effect (i.e. reduction in leukocytes) with conventional therapy is seen in 0.5% of the study sample. In patients who receive a newly discovered drug, only 0.45% experience the same side effect. Based on these results, the minimum number of patients that would have to receive the new drug for 3 years to statistically demonstrate the prevention of one episode of this side effect in at least one patient is: 

A. 15. 
B. 20.
C. 150. 
D. 200 
E. 2000. 

Question # 2

Uricosuric agents are used in gout treatment by inhibiting the uric acid re-absorption in the proximal tubules, the best example of a uricosuric agent is:

A. Allopurinol 
B. sulphinpyrazone 
C. Indomethacin
D. Penicillamine
E. Methotrexate 

Question # 3

Both isoxazole and oxazole rings are found as substituents in some bacteriostatic sulfanilamides. They are present in these structures specifically because of their: 

A. Sizes and shapes 
B. Tautomeric activities 
C. Enzymatic activities 
D. Electron-donating effects 
E. Electron-withdrawing effects 

Question # 4

Which of the following antacids has cathartic side-effects? 

A. Calcium carbonate
B. Dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate 
C. Magnesium hydroxide 
D. Calcium sulfate 
E. Aluminum silicate 

Question # 5

Water used for reconstitution of an additive for a large volume parenteral should be: 

A. sterile water
B. distilled water
C. Bacteriostatic Water for Injection (United States Pharmacopeial standard)
D. Water for Injection (United States Pharmacopeial standard)
E. Sterile Water for Injection (United States Pharmacopeial standard)