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Oracle 1z0-1072-23 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which TWO statements are TRUE about Private IP addresses in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? 

Each VNIC can only have one private IP address. 
By default, the primary VNIC of an instance in a subnet has one primary private IP address. 
By default, the primary VNIC of an instance in a subnet has one primary private IP address and one secondary private IP address.  
A private IP can have an optional public IP assigned to it if it resides in a public subnet. 

Question # 2

Which TWO statements about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) File Storage Service are accurate? 

Communication with file systems in a mount target is encrypted via HTTPS. 
File systems use Oracle-managed keys by default. 
Customer can encrypt data in their file system using their own Vault encryption key. 
Mount targets use Oracle-managed keys by default. 
Customer can encrypt the communication to a mount target via export options. 

Question # 3

Which TWO are key benefits of setting up Site-to-Site VPN on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? 

When setting up Site-to-Site VPN, it creates a private connection that provides consistent network experience.  
When setting up Site-to-Site VPN, customers can configure it to use static or dynamic routing (BGP). 
When setting up Site-to-Site VPN, OCI provisions redundant VPN tunnels.
When setting up Site-to-Site VPN, customers can expect bandwidth above 2 Gbps. 

Question # 4

Your DevOps team needs to interconnect the on-premises network to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources, such as a managed database that resides in a private subnet. They indicate that they have a low budget and their bandwidth requirements are minimal, so you decide that a site-to-site VPN is the best option.They provide you with their router public IP address. You need to create an object in OCI that represents this router. Which object would you create?  

Internet Gateway 
Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG) 
Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) 
Virtual Network Interface Card (vNIC) 
IPSec Tunnel 
Bastion Host 

Question # 5

Which TWO statements are NOTcorrect regarding the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) burstable instances? 

If the instance's average CPU utilization over the past 24 hours is below the baseline, the system allows it to burst above the baseline. 
Baseline utilization is a fraction of each CPU core, either 25% or 75%. 
Burstable instances cost less than regular instances with the same total OCPU count. 
Burstable instances are designed for scenarios where an instance is not typically idle and has high CPU utilization.
Burstable instances are charged according to the baseline OCPU. 

Question # 6

Which statement is NOT correct regarding the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OI) File System snapshots? 

Even if nothing has changed within the file system since the last snapshot was taken, a new snapshot consumes more storage.  
Snapshots are accessible under the root directory of the file system at .snapshot/name. 
Before you can clone a file system, at least one snapshot must exist for the file system. 
Snapshots are a consistent, point-in-time view of your file systems. 

Question # 7

Which is NOT a valid Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) approach? 

Ensure VCN CIDR prefix overlaps with other VCNs in your tenancy or with your organizations private IP network ranges.
Ensure not all IP addresses are allocated at once within a VCN or subnet; instead reserve some IP addresses for future use.  
Private subnets should ideally have individual route tables to control the flow of traffic within and outside of VCN.
Use OCI tags to tag VCN resources so that all resources follow organizational tagging/naming conventions.

Question # 8

Oracle Cloud Agent is a lightweight process that manages plugins running on compute instances.Which is NOT a valid Oracle Cloud Agent plugin name?  

Live Migration Agent 
OS Management Service Agent 
Compute Instance Run Command 

Question # 9

You are backing up your on-premises data to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage Service. Your requirements are:1. Backups need to be retained for at least full 31 days. 2. Data should be accessible immediately if and when needed after the backup. Which OCI Object Storage tier is suitable for storing the backup to minimize cost?  

Infrequent Access tier 
Archive tier 
Standard tier 
Auto-Tiering tier 

Question # 10

You have a high-demand web application running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Your tenancy administrator has set up a schedule-based autoscaling policy on instance pool with an initial size of 5 instances for the application.Policy 1:Target pool size:10 instances Execution time:8:30 a.m. on every Monday through Friday, in every month, in every year Cron expression:0 30 8 ? * MON-FRI * Which statement accurately explains the goal of this policy?  

Goal: A one-time schedule with only one scaling out event. At 8:30 a.m., on December 31, 2021, scale the instance pool to 10 instances from 5. 
Goal: A recurring monthly schedule. On all days of the month, set the initial pool size to 5 instances. At 8.30 a.m., on every day of the month, scale out to 10 instances.
Goal: A recurring daily schedule. On weekday mornings at 8.30 a.m., scale out to 10 instances. 
Goal: A recurring weekly schedule. On all days of the week at 8.30 a.m., scale out the pool to 10 instances from the initial size of 5 

Question # 11

You created a virtual cloud network (VCN) with three private subnets. Two of the subnets contain application servers and the third subnet contains a DB System. The application requires a shared file system, therefore you have provisioned one using the file storage service (FSS).You have also created the corresponding mount target in one of the application subnets. The VCN security lists are properly configured so that the application servers can access FSS. The security team changed the settings for the DB System to have read-only access to the file system. However when they test it, they are unable to access FSS. How would you allow access to FSS? 

Create an NFS export option that allows READ_ONLY access where the source is the CIDR range of the DB System subnet.
Create an instance principal for the DB System. Write an Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy that allows the instance principal read-only access to the file storage service. 
Modify the security list associated with the subnet where the mount target resides. Change the ingress rules corresponding to the DB System subnet to be stateless. 
Modify the security list associated with the subnet where the mount target resides. 
Change the ingress rules corresponding to the DB System subnet to be stateful. 

Question # 12

You are a system administrator of your company and you are managing a complex environment consisting of compute instances running Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It's your task to apply all the latest kernel security updates to all instances.Which OCI service will allow you to complete this task? 

OCI Streaming service 
OS Management service 
OCI Registry 
OCI Security Zones to achieve automatic security updates 
OCI Cloud Guard to monitor and install the security updates 

Question # 13

Which tool provides a diagram of the implemented topology of all Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) in a selected region and tenancy?

Network Watcher 
Traffic Analytics 
VCN Flow Logs
Network Visualizer